Coming with inevitable change can be easy

History is all about change and in many ways it is now happening faster than ever and affecting all our lives and our businesses.  For some people  the pace of change may be uncomfortable causing stress as you try to control things that can’t be controlled.

In Business

In business your systems are like the business brain (or mind) so when you change your systems you change the way the ‘body” of your business operates in the same way that when you change your mind  you change your life and the way your body operates because what your mind believes, your body follows

Over the past few years with the business climate for small business changing I started studying NLP to broaden my skill set because I firmly believe in spreading and reducing business risk. A two business option is very sensible.

Owning or managing a business requires emotional resilience and strength to help you cope with all that day to day stress and overload.  While simple systems help reduce operational problems, many business owners and manager also need individual help as you take problems home with you impacting badly on your lives, health andeven  your families.

The many business owners and managers I have met over 20 years of business want to avoid becomning overstressed and certainly want to avoid  any form of self medication with alcohol and cigarettes because they know that these habits can get out of control, increasing the stresses.  when we combine my  management experience with hypnosis thiscan allow you to control or eliminate (your choice) these damaging habits and addictions.

Our Children

Many of our children are also feeling the pressure of deciding on their careers and directions or simply coping with the rate and range of learning at school.  Some are dyslexic or have other learning difficulties which can be highly frustrating because in many cases they are highly intelligent children who simply learn differently than the majority.  And some simply are not connecting with school.

Health, habits and medical conditions

I help people to quit smoking and in a single session for most people, lose weight and change other habits.  I also offer very effective help to people suffering from cancer, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and other very frustrating illnesses. I volunteer as a hypnotherapist one morning a week at the Cancer Care Centre in Unley S.A. because as a former and recovered cancer patient myself I have a very real commitment here.


Because I wanted to learn more about how to simplify coping with these inevitable changes in our lives  and our businessesa I found that my extra study looped back to my very first degree in medical science, where I majored in neurophysiology with a first year course in psychology.

I now have a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and a Diploma in NLP and am an NLP Master Practitioner as well as an Honours Degree in Science.  I am a member of the Australia Hypnotherapists Association and registered with Private Health Funds as a Provider.

While I definately maintain my passion about helping small businesses implement a system as simply as possibly to keep their compliance with the excessive red tape to a minimum, my major business is now hypnotherapy and helping people.

With both business and individuals coping with changes is about finding a simple and easy way to get from where you are to where you want to be.  I don’t see much real difference in the work I have been doing for 14 years helping businesses to identify a problem, assess the importance (risk), work out what resources are needed, and then implement a system as simply as possibly. And in hypnotherapy I work with individuals to identify their problem and implement solutions which is also a system.  The modality is different, not the principles.

You will find assistance for both modalities on this site as well as information about the books I have written

Plus if you would like to book a hypnotherapy session for any reason either pohone me on 08 8365 9513 to learn more or simply book in on this page

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